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Daniel Monfort - The Artist

Born in 1942, Daniel Raymond Monfort grew up, attended college, and studied the arts in the Bretagne region of France. Mr. Monfort’s potential for drawing was exhibited at an early age, and eventually stories of the American Far West became the vehicle by which he expressed his artistic talents. His fascination with Red Cloud, Sitting Bull, and other prominent Western heroes overshadowed his interest in great European historical figures.

As an art student at Quimper, and later at Nantes, Mr. Monfort found the structured academics of the French schools frustrating and disappointing. His interest was in western art, yet his instructors emphasized a disciplined curriculum of abstract forms, colors, and composition. But, he learned that talent alone was not enough, and now realizes those years of strict instruction were necessary and, in the long run, beneficial.

In 1964, while reproducing famous paintings with colored chalk on the sidewalks of Nice, to help finance his studies, he met the late Dutch artist Van Dongen. Impressed by Mr. Monfort’s work, Van Dongen prompted him to pursue his abilities.

Mr. Monfort moved to New York City, hoping to become an illustrator of books. While his drawings and caricatures were always well received, sales were rarely realized. The following years were spent traveling in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

His fascination with the West never waning, Mr. Monfort moved to Denver in 1972, bringing with him his wife and two children. He quickly established a solid reputation as a sculptor of fine Western art.

Today, Mr. Monfort's work is recognized the world over. Thousands of people from all walks of life own a Monfort Original. Many are collectors, for his sculptures are the finest of their type, and are sold at very affordable prices.

These sculptures are made of Hydrostone: one of the finest casting materials available today, strong, and will please collectors.

~~~ Mountain Man 16" bronze tone/$90 color/$100 ~~~ Peace Pipe 14" bronze tone/$90 color/$100 ~~~
~~~ Marshall 14" bronze tone/$90 color/$100 ~~~ Saddle Tramp 16" bronze tone/$100 color/$120 ~~~
~~~ Sitting Bull 6" bust bronze tone/$40 color/$50 ~~~ Wild Bill Hickok 6" bust bronze tone/$40 color/$50 ~~~
~~~Buffalo Bill Cody 6" bust bronze tone/$40 color/$50 ~~~ Jim Baker 7" bust bronze tone/$50 color/$60 ~~~

~~~ Apache 12" bronze tone/$110 color/$130 ~~~ Vigilante 16" bronze tone/$90 color/$100 ~~~
Vaquero 14" bronze tone/$110 color/$130 ~~~
~~~ Bronco Buster 16" bronze tone/$100 color/$120 ~~~ Wagon Master 20" bronze tone/$170 color/$195 ~~~

~~~ Mini Bronc Rider 9" bronze tone/$90 color/$100 ~~~ White Hunter 12" bronze tone/$140 color/$170 ~~~

~~~ Black Saddle Tramp 16" bronze tone/$100 color/$120 ~~~ Crow Warrior 16" bronze tone/$280 color/$320 ~~~
~~~ Lakota Head 5" bronze tone/$25 color/$30 ~~~ Cowboy Head 5" bronze tone/$25 color/$30 ~~~
~~~ Soldier Head 5" bronze tone/$25 color/$30 ~~~

~~~ Medicine Man 12" bronze tone/$90 color/$95 ~~~ Crazy Horse 7" bronze tone/$50 color/$60 ~~~
~~~ Apache Bust 4" bronze tone/$25 color/$30 ~~~ Keokuk Bust 4" bronze tone/$25 color/$30 ~~~
~~~ Oglala Bust 4" bronze tone/$25 color/$30 ~~~

~~~ Indian Scout 9" bronze tone/$60 color/$70 ~~~ Buffalo Soldier 11" bronze tone/$80 color/$90 ~~~
~~~ Sioux Chief 11" bronze tone/$80 color/$90 ~~~
~~~ Sergeant 11" bronze tone/$80 color/$70 ~~~ Private U.S. Cavalry 11" bronze tone/$80 color/$90 ~~~
~~~ Mounted Trapper 18" bronze tone/$250 color/$300 ~~~ End of the Trail 12" bronze tone/$140 color/$170 ~~~

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