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HELLO! It is so beary nice to make your acquaintance! My name is Father Time. I am sooo proud to be the first Membership Bear in a new line of plush toys called "Earth Bears". If you have a few minutes, I would love to tell you all about myself. I am a soft white eight inch chubby bear (and if you don't mind me saying so.... I am made of the finest quality materials and am beautifully stitched). I wear my Year 2000 timepiece proudly on my chest. My timepiece will always be a reminder of good times because the time shown is just before midnight of the new millennium! My designer made me plump and chubby and extra soft, so that you will always be tempted to cuddle me. Many folks find me such a collectible because of my quality, but they still find the time to cuddle me, hehe. I, Father Time, was designed with the past, present and future in mind. Earth Bears believe that each and every person, especially children, can make a difference in our earth, universe and environment. By looking at the past, present and future, we can see the good (and the bad). Together we can accomplish anything!

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Mother Earth Series Bear $9.99 + sh

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Earth Bear Series Bear $9.99 + sh

with Membership card $7.99 + sh

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